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Of: My Twin,

(Linda Sue Kirk)


BORN: NOV. 4, 1946******DIED: April 16, 1975

Love you Sis!

As the years go by, I often wonder why?...

God took you instead of me.

***But then I realized!***

He needed an angel with a voice so grand.

To sing the songs of Praise, in the Angel Band.

***And now!***

You are an angel, and there is no need to cry,

Because some day soon I will meet you up there in the sky.

***I know!***

You use to think there was no one like me.

So you are with JESUS now, please remember me.

***Now that!***

Thirty six years have past since God called you away.

I can still see, and hear you, as if you were here today.

Your smiles, your laughter, are so dear to my heart,

and some day in Heaven dear, we will never have to part.


(Your brother: Danny)


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