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Evart's and Harlan Today.

(1) This is a view of the tunnel Between Cumberland Gap, TN. and Middlesboro, KY. from the Tenn. Side. The road Doesn't go over the Mountain any more. It is blocked off,

(2) This is a photo of Evarts, KY. Depot today!

Photo furnished by: Danny Kirk!

(3) This photo showes the old bridge at Baxter, KY. on the old road. It's not used anymore.

Photo furnished by: Ethel Mae Cupp

(4) This photo showes The Dome at Resthaven Cemetary at Loyal, Ky.

Photo furnished by: Ethel Mae Cupp!

(5) This photo shows! Where the river exit's the mountain at Baxter. Comming from Evarts, Just up in the curve above the Motell. It bypases Harlan now.

(6) Stone Face, One of Virginia,s most fanous natural Scenes. Located on 421 Just before you get to Pennington Gap, Va. Coming from Harlan.

Photo furnished by: Carlson Kirk

(7) This photo shows the mouth of Brittans Creek Today. Just above Blackmountain!

Photo furnished by: Ethel Mae Cupp!

(8) This Photo shows the Space Shuttle at FT. Cambell, KY. Where it had to land because of the tornado in Florida.

Photo furnished by: Danny Kirk!

Photo's Property of:: Danny Kirk! Do not copy.

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