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Stop by arr new chili store... we're sure you'll luv it.

Howdy ya'll, and welcome to arr new fangled web site.  Ain't this here internet the neatest thing?  By the way, I'm Hotdog Hank. My better half, The Hotdog Lady and I want to thank ya for takin' the time to stop by our site.

Just in case ya ain't never heard of us, we run one of them fancy mobil food concession on the worlds most famous beach, Daytona Beach, Florida.

When you stop by our big old truck fur some grub, ya'll don't have to worry about how ya look, no shirt, no shoes, no problem.  We're dang happy to see ya.

The next time ya go crusin' and ya find yourself near the Bahama House at 2001 S. Atlantic Ave. in beautiful Daytona Beach, stop on by and try some of our world famous hotdog chili.  We got our big o'l truck parked right there on the beach..


Arr homemade West Virginia chilidogs,,,(a special recipe from the hills of West by GOD Virginia) are just down right drop dead good.  We also got the best French fries in town,,,,homemade lemonade, and a menu to fit even the most discriminatin' tastes, from burgers to funnel cakes.  We got it all at Hanks Franks ( Come on down for lunch, put some south in your mouth.

If ya ain't never had some of our famous West Virginia Chilidogs ya gota get down here and give um a try, I'm tellin' ya you'll want to put this chili on everything, well maybe not your breakfast cereal but everything else! 

Stop on by and see us...

Stop by arr on-line store and get ya some of our chili sauce, you'llll luv it....