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In loving memory of:

My Mom,

(Joanna Blevins (Kirk))


BORN: NOV. 8, 1917******DIED: July 19, 2001

Love you Mom!

Dear mother,oh sad the day, when I lost my dearest friend.

Which I always knew you were there even til the end.


Oh the sorrow to my heart,

When the news came that day,

Saying that my dear Mother,

Had suddenly passed away.


I know Mother you worked hard,

To raise all us kids,

I'll never ever forget all

the good things that you did,


You had a heart for others,

With hands outstretched to all,

Never knew a stranger,

You answered every call.


Your love for you family.

Reached far beyond

words can't tell,

Mother I'll do my best,

to be like you as well.


Your hands were always busy,

To always get things done,

You nourished all your children,

Showing love and joy and fun,


You love to read the Bible,

to teach about the Lord,

Dear mother I know you're happy,

To receive that great award,


I miss you oh so much,

Tongue can never say

I loved to give you flowers,

Even on your birthday.


I remember your hands Mother ,

When you tucked us Kids in at night,

And said a prayer for us all,

That we would rest through out the night.


When we were sick with fevers,

You wiped our brows with love,

all the care you gave us,

Now God gives his care from above.


How I remember your sweet smile,

Your voice of love and praise,

As you cheered your children on.

Oh I'll never forget those days.


I could search this whole wide world,

High and low and over,

But in those places I may see,

There's no one like my Mother.


She was good to

friends and kin,

always willing to help,

gave good advice to all,

all the Beauty that she kept.


She was precious to my heart,

My life will never be the same,,

We'll meet again someday.

When our God calls my name.


Author: Gerti Eachus! Dayton, Ohio


(Your Son and Family: Danny)




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